The BMW X3 is a wonderfully flexible vehicle. It's sporty, top-quality, and fun to drive around Cincinnati- just like any BMW Sports Activity Vehicle. You can get an amazing return for your money when you shop pre-owned BMW X3 models.

The 2016 BMW X3 is Still a Perfect Choice


Drivers from Mason to Covington and all around the Cincinnati region are seduced by the BMW X3's stylish looks. The X3 has the brains and the brawn to back up its beauty, so you'll be glad that this compact SUV is so attractive.

We keep a range of models in our pre-owned and Certified Pre-Owned inventory, and we often have immaculate late-model year X3 models. If you find a 2016 BMW X3 for sale here, you're smart to be intrigued! These popular models are full of life and will give you a wonderful driving experience.

A used BMW X3 provides excellent value. You won't run into the inevitable fast depreciation that happens to every new vehicle as soon as it drives off the lot, so your equity will last longer. You still get a perfectly capable and high-performance BMW with great amenities.

These used BMW X3 models are well equipped with modern technology and convenience features. They'll be supremely comfortable to drive around Florence or Kenwood, and you can start each road trip with confidence.

Please reach out to us if you have questions about any of our BMW X3 models or to discuss financing options.


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