BMW X3 xDrive30i vs. Lexus RX 350

The compact luxury crossover segment is extremely popular and competition is more fierce than ever. With well-established offerings from Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus, savvy shoppers are provided a variety of options on what to park in their driveways.
See how the ubiquitous Lexus RX 350 compares to our X3 Sports Activity Vehicle. You'll find the BMW is the exemplary choice.
Price Point

BMW X3 xDrive30i starting MSRP $42,650
Lexus RX 350 starting MSRP $44,670

Fuel Efficiency
BMW X3 xDrive30i 2.0L TwinPower Turbo 4-cyl 8-speed Automatic
            (22 city/29 hwy: 25 combined)
Lexus RX 350 3.5L V6 8-speed Automatic
            (19 city/26 hwy: 22 combined)

While the RX has the larger engine, the BMW X3 is quicker to 60 MPH and is more fuel efficient. The X3 goes from 0-60 in 6.0 seconds flat, nearly 2 seconds quicker than the 200 lbs. heavier RX.

Cargo Space

BMW  X3 xDrive30i
     28.7 cubic feet with the 2nd row in place; 62.7 cubic feet with the 2nd row folded  
Lexus RX 350
    18.0 cubic feet with the 2nd row in place; 56.3 cubic feet with the 2nd row folded

While the RX weighs more than the X3 and is over half a foot longer, the RX offers less cargo space than the X3 with either the 2nd row of seats folded or in position.


BMW Connected enriches the driving experience by connecting the driver with the vehicle. Lexus offers a similar experience with Lexus Enform which costs $160/year after the first year, while BMW's Connected sysem is $0-cost for 4 years.

Apple CarPlay is optional on the X3, yet unavailable on the RX.

BMW also offers a complimentary 1-year subscription to Sirius satellite radio, besting Lexus' 3-month plan.

The BMW X3 can be equipped with a navigation system including a 10.2" high-resolution screen for $1,700. Lexus offers an optional 12.3" screen, but the price of entry is much higher at a $2,100 package or at $3,200 with premium stereo.

Active and Passive Safety Features

The X3's optional Driving Assistance Plus package enables Level 2 semi-autonomous safety features including up to 50 seconds of hands-free driving. The most advanced safety system in the RX is Blind Spot Monitor.

Standard on the X3 while optional or not available on the RX
Adaptive brake lights, BMW Assist eCall with Emergency Request and Enhanced Collision Notification, and Dynamic Cruise Control.

Not only are active and passive safety features of utmost importance for today's shopper, driving dynamics work congruently with safety technologies to protect occupants. BMW has always placed emphasis on how important it is for a vehicle to respond and react how you need it to when you need it to. You won't find that with the RX which is focused on an isolated driving experience and comfort thus providing a clumsier, more cumbersome drive. BMW has always prioritized driving dynamics, not only for enjoyment but for safety, too.

Warranty and Scheduled Maintenance
BMW offers complimentary maintenance for 3-years/36,000 miles. Lexus provides its customers with the same but for only 1-year and 10,000 miles. In terms of warranty, although Lexus offers a longer drivetrain warranty than BMW does, today's consumer can expect more value in a complimentary maintenance plan than a longer warranty that often won't be used prior to the mileage limit.

BMW Customer Support

With the BMW Genius App, BMW Genius Hotline, and on-site BMW Geniuses at The BMW Store, a BMW X3 driver has unlimited access to specialists that can help with anything from pairing their smartphone to using voice control.


Although the RX is undeniably popular, the current generation has polarizing style that alienates some of the Lexus loyal. Classically designed, unmistakably BMW with technical advantages to back it up, the BMW X3 is the perfect blend of performance, reliability, safety and luxury.

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