Wearing Many Hats

"While on set with my TV co-host it came up that my BMW could get 34 MPG. She didn't believe me at first but once her mouth dropped after seeing it did, I then realized I should've bet her more money!" jokes Storm Bennett, owner of a BMW 5 Series

Storm Bennett wears many hats: TV personality, entrepreneur, business owner, winner of several local and national awards and, most significantly, dad. Each of the hats he wears entails a different job and, of course, a different outlook on life.

Judging alone by his numerous professional awards, his success in television, and his flourishing business ventures, he has mastered these roles and relationships and thus begins a new one. "Being a dad to a baby girl is something that cannot be explained with words. There's no manual or book that can begin to tell you the joy that this child will bring. Keeping her safe and protected is now my most important job, one reason I continue to drive BMWs and chose the BMW 5 series," comments Storm.

The BMW 5 Series plays a role in Storm's life and to each of these important jobs. Driving clients, getting him quickly from point A to B or transporting the two incredible women in his life, he knows that he can always count on his BMW 5 Series. Not only does it carry many safety features but as Storm says, "it has sexy curves, incredible MPG and the performance of this BMW is second to none."

At The BMW Store we realize that our customers have many duties and responsibilities, that's why we maintain convenient hours, offer a wi-fi enabled campus, provide courtesy vehicles and, most importantly, cultivate a brand that is second to none.
Need for Speed

"When I service my vehicle at The BMW Store I feel like I'm taking my BMW to the doctor. Your service advisors listen to the needs of my car and prescribe exactly what my vehicle needs in order to stay healthy and up to speed!" - Dee Wilson, proud owner of a BMW 3 Series.

With an eye for quality and attention to detail, Dee Wilson and her husband take pride in their two locally run businesses. Cherryhill Homes has grown to become one of Kentucky's most experienced and reliable modular home builders and New Image Properties, based in Northern Kentucky, is a quickly developing real estate investment company.

Dee also fills her time working as an actress and model, recently booking a national ad with US Bank. Keeping a very busy schedule, she is always running from one place to the next. Her BMW helps keep her on the go and on time!

Dee's passion for speed and precision translates from her career into her personal life. An avid fan of the American LeMans BMW racing team, she enjoys taking her BMW to local courses to truly experience her Ultimate Driving Machine. When asked to name the favorite aspect of her 3 Series, the answer is speed of course!

"My BMW's performance and quickness on the track is outstanding and with its sports package suspension, this car alone has a need for speed and handles the curves with complete accuracy!" says Dee.

You are not just getting an automobile when you buy a BMW, you're receiving ultimate service and a passionate community as well. As we always say, Passion Loves Company.
"Coach Fitz"

"I have owned BMW's for many years. I am a strong believer in 'buying local' and The BMW Store made it easy. Exceptional aftersales attention from a committed, professional staff provide all the confidence I need when I service my BMWs," comments Jeff Fitzgerald, owner of a BMW X3 and M3.

Born and raised in Burbank, California, Jeff Fitzgerald grew up playing football. Jeff blossomed at the sport, and his love for football led him to a college education. After earning his Masters in Education from the University of Alabama, he left the college game and has since spent 18 years in the National Football League.

Not only does Jeff have a love for the game of football itself, but it is also his strong commitment to helping young people find their paths to successful careers that drives his inspiration on the field.Jeff fills any free time he has with his family and loved ones.Traveling in from California, his mom and dad are sure to drive their own BMW when they come to catch a game."It's the trust that I have in the vehicle that keeps me buying BMWs," says Jeff. "It was just last February that my family and I were driving in Texas during the worst ice storm in recent history. We drove more than 100 miles of icy roads, where most drivers had been left stranded. My BMW never missed a beat, and I even enjoyed the experience." His secondary career and other great passion is racing. Jeff is a driving instructor at the Richard Petty Experience where he's furthered his knowledge and skill of racing.

At The BMW Store we understand that a car has to be more than just transportation. BMW's focus also includes innovations in safety, technology, comfort and performance. All these aspects encompassed create The Ultimate Driving Machine.
Marketing Wiz

"My BMW 3 Series makes being a Marketing Wiz a breeze, especially when the top is down. Which leads to an added bonus-the retractable top. It goes up and down with one button," says Jill Z. McBride, "like the Batmobile."

As the owner and founder of JZMcBride and Associates, one of the Tri-state's most enterprising marketing and public relations firms, Jill Z. McBride requires superhuman reliability to deliver publicity for her international clients. So while her creative wheels are turning for the industry leaders she represents, Jill needs to be sure her own set of wheels delivers, whether it's to the airport for a last-minute flight or to an urgent meeting across town.

And for a Marketing Wiz, coming to the rescue means being reachable. With its advanced technology, her BMW keeps Jill in constant contact without ever requiring her to take her hands off the wheel. It's just one of the reasons Jill switched from a Mercedes to a BMW 328i, which she liked so much she leased two in a row."

With my trusty BMW and its complete communications capabilities, I know I can make pre-dawn flights or cross-town emergency meetings while never losing contact with my clients," Jill said. "My schedule is 100 percent full and then some, so I need bulletproof dependability. After all, for my clients to be in good hands, I need to be in good hands."

At The BMW Store we take pride in our clients being able to rely on not only their BMWs but our staff as well. We are always available through phone, web, chat and email so that you can rest assured you will be taken care of!
Choose Wisely

"As soon as I drove the BMW 3 Series, I just knew I had found my car! It's weird to describe it this way, but I feel like I'm part of the car when I'm driving." -Missy Richardson, proud owner of a BMW 3 Series

Missy Richardson has already coined herself a BMW owner for life not even a year into her first BMW purchase. With an eye for quality products, Missy is known for keeping her cars a long time. After turning in her last vehicle, her car search began. She knew the exact feeling she wanted behind the wheel, the only challenge she faced was finding it. That was, of course, until she drove the BMW 3 Series.

"When we test drove the 3 Series at the Store, I knew I had found my car! As we drove, I secretly wanted my husband and our Client Advisor to be out of the car so that I could just floor it and yell 'woo-hoo,'" joked Missy about her test drive. Offering quality, value and safety, the BMW was also fun and powerful and had that special "oomph," something that so many other cars had lacked. Missy was sold!

Missy's passion for quality and detail also enriches her personal life. She and her husband Jeff have enjoyed the urban culture and historic elegance of Newport, Kentucky since they arrived five years ago. Missy has been an active member of the board and is now President of the East Row Historic Foundation which is developing a stained glass tour this year. The tour will honor both the beauty of this timeless art and the buildings and homes in Newport where outstanding examples of stained glass are found.

So many don't truly experience driving until they get into a BMW. For Missy, the BMW 3 Series is not only a perfect fit, but she can drive and drive thanks to The BMW Ultimate Service Program.
Let Passions Be Your Guide

Some may call his talents a triple threat, but Dr. Al Weisbrot just calls them passions. A well-known Cincinnati Doctor, phenomenal cantor and a seasoned Skier, Dr. Weisbrot took his loves in life and put them into his daily routine. With wife Sherry by his side, most days you will find him 1 of 3 places, practicing medicine at his Mason office, performing the national anthem at a ball park or out on the slopes skiing.

"I have always enjoyed skiing, the beautiful scenery you see soaring down that hill, knowing meanwhile that you are exercising your body and well being, it's a great experience. I wanted to take my knowledge of medicine out onto the slopes so I became a medical advisor for the National Ski Patrol. It's an incredible feeling to bring my passion for health and safety out here with me," says Dr. Weisbrot.  

Safety is also the reason Dr. and Mrs. Weisbrot purchased their newest BMWs. Having earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick status, the new BMW 5 series was a perfect choice for a family always on the go.

At The BMW Store we love bringing people in to explore their passions, but even more, we love sending them home in a car or SAV that is a proven safety pick by top organizations.
Work Hard, Play Hard

"Our BMW X5 is incredibly versatile. It plows through snow like an SUV, yet grips to fast curves like a sports car; the more you demand, the better it performs," says Amy Gray on her BMW X5.

"Collaboration is the key to success in our environment," says Amy Gray, president of BellTower Advertising. "We build upon creative ideas and involve our entire team when we start a project. I have confidence in each one of my staff individually, and as a whole, we are unstoppable."

A workaholic herself, she understands that to get the best result you need to put in 110% effort into everything, every time. She believes strongly that hard work should be rewarded, therefore treating her staff after a job well done, reaffirming the office motto, "work hard, play hard."

Accordingly, her BMW X5 follows the same adage. Working hard to safely deliver Amy to her many destinations, the BMW X5 is a work horse and so much more. An SUV that hugs corners like a sports car and bears an acceleration to make your heart skip a beat, the BMW X5 is the parallel to Amy's work strategy.

At The BMW Store we understand the importance of finding a car that you believe in. Here, it's easy! Stop in to learn more about any of our stunning models, our Ultimate Service and why 32 years later, our slogan remains, "Passion Loves Company."
Live, Laugh, Love

"We have always had our cars serviced at The BMW Store where the Service Team is excellent! Working with The BMW Store Service Team is like turning your car over to family." -Jack and Suzie Kleymeyer, owners of a 2011 BMW 535 and a 2009 BMW Z4.

After 25 years of an incredible marriage, Jack and Suzie Kleymeyer have a lot to be thankful for. A wonderful family, great friends and the fact that a home grown Pittsburgh Steelers fan and Cleveland Browns supporter were able to co-exist for that long! Their interest in community planning was the tying link that brought them together.

Suzie is a Managing Director with Landrum & Brown, an international aviation planning firm headquartered in Cincinnati, where she manages environmental studies for airport development projects. An Army veteran of the Korean Era and retired professor, Jack now volunteers with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and is kept busy standing watches and conducting Marine Observation Missions. Although they enjoy their own hobbies and activities, they also share many interests, including their passion for the BMW brand.

"We love driving BMWs for three simple reasons-the quality of the vehicle, the attention to the customer's needs when it comes to servicing the vehicle and the fact that everyone at BMW knows our name or makes an effort to know who we are and what we drive," says Jack and Suzie on their BMWs.

The BMW Store invites you to experience the quality service which has been our tradition since we opened our doors. With more than 30 years of selling and servicing BMWs, The BMW Store is proud to again be the #1 BMW Center in Ohio.
Road Warrior

"Driving for me is the high point of my day; it's not drudgery or solely transportation; it's thrilling every time I get in the car," -Ann Keeling owner of a Black Sapphire 328i Convertible and Crimson Red 328xi.

Ann Keeling's family has been rooted in Cincinnati since the early 1900s when her grandparents migrated here from Northern Italy. Both artisans, Ann learned a tremendous amount from her grandparent's skilled professions.

"I am obsessed with the way things are made-the true craft of making things the right way; considering how things are designed, how they will function for the person they are made for. I believe this obsession comes from my Italian grandparents and their passion for doing things impeccably-no excuses, no shortcuts. Work hard to create something you can be proud of," comments Ann.

That same philosophy has driven her career to the heights that it is today. President of Cristofoli-Keeling, Inc., a marketing communications firm, Ann has been awarded many accolades and honors for her work, recognitions she attributes to her attention to detail and strategic planning.

With customers like Ann, who truly understand the innovation and design that go into making a BMW, it would be easy to sit back and let the car sell itself. But at The BMW Store, the car is not the last stop. The relationship created after the sale is what helps maintain the Store's recognition as the #1 BMW Center in Ohio.
An Everyday Car or An Everything Car?

"My BMW can be a sports car when I choose the long way home from work, a luxury car when I dress up and take my wife on a date, or a utility car to load up 5 bikes, 4 people and a dog!" -Dr. Michael Wood, owner of a BMW 325xit and BMW X3.

As an ENT Surgeon and head of the department at Christ Hospital, Dr. Michael Wood takes his work seriously and patiently. Learning to use the Da Vinci robot, Dr. Wood was the first Dr. to perform a robotic thyroidectomy. The Da Vinci robot is the latest in surgical advancements; a machine that takes medicine to new heights.

With great time and care put into his profession, outside the office, Mike Wood is just another BOG rider who likes to bike, have fun and definitely not sit still! The B.O.G. group, 'Bunch of Old Guys (and Gals), was officially formed after years of biking and camaraderie. It was decided that like anything great, a name should be chosen for their group. Just a bunch of old guys that like to ride, choosing a name was a cinch and they now adorn B.O.G. on their jerseys and hats as they ride around the country.

Riding 3,000 - 4,000 miles a year, about 100 per week, Mike is always on the go. His indulgences in life are spending time with his wife, his family, and of course biking. For a man on the go, it was important to have a car that could be right there with him, which was the first reason Mike chose the BMW 3 series. Enough pedal to get your heart beating, enough room for a tandem bike and enough style to take out on a Saturday night, it was an easy decision.

"My BMW can be so many things to me. I think my favorite part is the idea that lurking underneath the hood of this everyday car is a sports car. I know that when I want to, all I have to do is wake it up", comments Mike on this BMW 3 series.

These days with busy schedules and non-stop careers, a car has to be so much more than transportation - which is why so many Greater Cincinnati residents have chosen a BMW from The BMW Store. Come into The BMW Store and we'll show you everything a BMW can be to you.
Independent Thinking

"The loyalty of BMW's customers always impressed me and I had to find out what it was all about. Since this is my third BMW, and our fifth as a family, I'm obviously hooked." --Amy Showalter, owner of a 535xi

Having developed a highly successful business, delivered a multitude of keynote speeches, created and facilitated training workshops, as well as authored two books, "105 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Elected Official" and ,"Underdog: How Everyday People Change the Minds of the Powerful. . . and Live to Tell About It" (Morgan-James), Amy Showalter contributes much of her success to independent thinking.

Companies like Southwest Airlines, Pfizer, International Paper and national associations hire her to maximize their influence in the legislative process by moving their employees and members from apathy to action and to become persuasive advocates for their cause. Attributing individualized thinking as one of the reasons her career has grown so quickly and successfully, Amy understands the importance of owning her own company and keeping it independent from outside influences.

"As a loyal customer to BMW and The BMW Store, I originally chose BMW because like my business, BMW is an independent company, unfettered by idea-killing bureaucracy. I can relate to their corporate philosophy of promoting innovative ideas. In today's world where bigger is sometimes not better, I identify with BMW's embrace of innovative ideas.

Further, as one who performs as a keynote speaker and workshop leader, I value performance! Each time I take the platform, it's a performance that my clients expect a performance that will motivate and inspire their team to engage in one of the most difficult arena -- that of grassroots politics", commented Amy on her decision to purchase a BMW.

We here, at The BMW Store, couldn't agree more. In order to succeed and flourish, one must think on their own terms, not in a cookie cutter mindset. Building upon a dynamic brand, we understand that each customer and each service is unique - stop in and see for yourself why The BMW Store continues to have such loyal customers.
It's A Feeling

"My first test drive was amazing, and allowed me to experience the true feeling of driving a BMW. I was sold at that moment!" --Carol Neckel, Owner of a BMW 3 Series Convertible

Carol's passengers love when it's sunny and 60 degrees because they know the top will be down in her BMW 3 series convertible. The wind blows through their hair and their tongues stick out panting in the fresh air - her passengers are dogs of course!

Carol Neckel, owner of Camp Bow Wow Cincinnati, fell in love with her BMW the first time she drove it. The feeling she receives behind the wheel as she takes corners and the sense of safety that comes from her BMW is one of a kind. Whether transporting dogs to and from work, or the precious cargo of her five grandchildren, Carol has complete trust in her BMW.

"I drive my convertible when it is over 60 and sunny - always top down! It is fun to transport dogs to Camp Bow Wow in the Convertible. I drop the back seat and hook leads to the seat anchor so the dogs are safe. They sit up like they own the world and love the wind in their face. Personally I love to see the smiles we get driving down the highway - they are priceless". Carol's BMW is more than just a mode of transportation; it brings Joy to her, those in her car and even those that pass by. The BMW Store wants your car buying and servicing to be pleasant. We want to put the Joy back in driving - which is not difficult when you're in The Ultimate Driving Machine.
Express Your Passions

"I have now owned 6 BMW's and have loved every one of them. The quality of the vehicles, dependability, and enjoyment I've received driving them is why I've remained dedicated to BMW", Steve Flesch, owner of a 2009 650i and 2011 X5, M Sport.

The game of golf is very gratifying; your success is completely up to you. With 14 years on the PGA Tour and 4 Victories, Steve Flesch attributes his personal success to hard work.

"The best thing about being a part of the PGA Tour is to know that all of the greatest players in the world are competing on the same course I am. It is rewarding to know that I have played at this level and with these high caliber players", says Steve.

When on Tour, Steve stays focused on his game. When back home, you'll find Steve doing anything his kids want to, including swimming, biking, playing video games and even attending tea parties. Spending time with his family is very important and he rarely lifts a club when he is at home. And if he's not with the kids then you'll probably find him rooting for his alma mater, The University of Kentucky.

Having owned six BMWs, Steve says that one of his new favorites is the current X5. The versatility of a vehicle that rides and performs like a sporty sedan yet has all the functionality of an SUV is amazing. It is very responsive, quick, and fun to be in, yet there's still plenty of storage for a big golf bag and kids' stuff! All that combined with his experience at The BMW Store is the reason he is a devoted BMW customer. At The BMW Store we understand that cars are not just for driving, they are also for expression. We believe that your passions in life should shine through in your BMW.
An Eye for Style

"When I talk about my new 7 Series' features, many times people will look at me and say 'wait the 7 Series or the salon?' Between the massaging seats, the sharp color combo and the slick details, it's as relaxing as being pampered in my salon." --John Gay, Owner of a BMW 7 Series as well as New Attitudes salon in Hyde Park

A master of beauty, fashion and true style, John Gay, owner of New Attitudes Salon, has an eye for striking things. For a stylist, color and detail are two crucial elements to the perfect hair. These two things were also imperative when John came to purchase his next BMW.

The sharp contrast of the sparkling Alpine white on the Cream Beige interior was a stunning combination for John and his personality. This, coupled with the extraordinary features on his 750i, like the cozy leather heated seats and steering wheel and American walnut wood trim made it the perfect car for John.

Not only owning his own salon but the creator of the hair product line, Attitude for Hair, John is incredibly knowledgeable in color and design. It is a compliment for someone of his experience to recognize and boast all of the small details and special touches put into his BMW.

BMW's are made to impress. Their performance, style and design are strictly reviewed and tested before even setting wheels on the road. Owning a BMW is something special; it's having a piece of automotive history.
When One Isn't Enough

"I chose to drive a BMW because I spend a lot of time in my car and I want a car with performance, comfort and dependability - all of which I get in my BMWs" --James Schrichten, Owner of a BMW X5 and 330

When it came time to buy a BMW, James Schrichten, a Cincinnati area native, knew exactly where he would be car shopping. And five BMWs later, James continues to shop with The BMW Store. He commented that his " experiences with the BMW store have been outstanding. I never felt pressured in sales and always knew that the staff would go out of their way to make sure I was taken care of."

As an Assistant Medical Director and ER Physician, it's extremely important to let your patients know that they are uniquely cared for and that their case is not just another number.

With a busy schedule and long hours, the drive home in his BMW sometimes couldn't be more rewarding. James' home is a historic, 125 year old house overlooking the Ohio River. Stunning views and cascading sun on the river make the scenery picturesque. The steep entrance may have caused problems for some vehicles, however, even in bad Cincinnati winters, James' BMW X5 has proven time and time again its impeccable reliability and power.

At The BMW Store each person is treated unique to their situation and lifestyle. For James, a client who does not have time to waste, taking advantage of Valet services after having BMW trained technicians service his vehicles, is a must have.

Come experience The BMW Store for yourself and see why our customers keep coming back, vehicle after vehicle.
Excellence, Experience, Expertise

"I knew I wanted to get a BMW for myself. The BMW 5 series was the perfect car for me and there was no doubt where I'd be going to get it. Our experience at The BMW Store was fantastic the first time, and the second. I could not have been more pleased." --George Glover, Owner of a BMW 528xi

George Glover is the Managing Director of Taft Stettinius & Hollister's (TS&H) governmental affairs group, Focused Capitol Solutions LLC. Placing strong emphasis on each individual client's goals, the firm represents excellence, experience and expertise in the Cincinnati and regional markets.

George also looks at these three words as standards in other facets of his life. When it came time to purchase his next car, he knew what dealership he would be visiting. His wife, Mona, had previously chosen a BMW from The BMW Store and after experiencing the performance and service of her 328i Sedan, he returned for his own 528xi Sedan.

Like TS&H, The BMW Group has built their company on similar standards and even dubs the BMW as The Ultimate Driving Machine. This strong statement reflects years of experience and expertise in the industry. And their continuing excellence is present in the recent news* that BMW has now become the world's most valuable automotive brand. (*McVeigh, Paul. BMW replaces Toyota as most valuable global car brand, Automotive News -- April 28, 2010)

TS&H's objective is to continually go beyond what is expected and provide the highest possible return on their client's investment. We at The BMW Store put high emphasis on the same expectations for our customers. You are not just getting an automobile when you buy a BMW you receive something much greater - excellence, experience and expertise.
It's All in the Family.

"No other car has such a solid feel on the road. The look of the BMW is impeccable and the BMW service is unbeatable." -Christian Wilhelmy on his BMW X3

Tradition-passing down a foundation of ideas and memories generation to generation. BMW's tradition of flawless design, performance and technology is just one of the reasons Christian knew he wanted to purchase a BMW. The other? His father drove one. Born in Southern Germany, Christian's father has almost always had a German branded vehicle. The solid feel and performance stands out from all other cars.

After moving to the United States in 1985, both Christian and his father wanted to continue enjoying that same quality vehicle, while honoring their new home. With BMW's Spartanburg plant located here in the states, it was the perfect combination of supporting their new foundation while maintaining their heritage.

When it came time to choose which BMW was right for him, Christian knew it would be the X3. "It is incredibly versatile," says Christian, "from taking my wife on a date, taking the kids skiing, or hauling boxes for my print business, I feel that the X3 is a perfect fit for my lifestyle."

Tradition is important to us here at the Store. We understand that when you purchase a car you are not only buying a mode of transportation but a lifestyle. Safety for your kids, fun on your weekends, whatever the combination is we understand every family is different. Stop in to visit and let us find your perfect combination.

Bringing Joy

"My husband saw the pure joy the X5 brought me and all he could say was, 'this is the one for you" --Sue Sedler on her BMW X5.

Sue has dubbed herself a "Professional Volunteer." She has been volunteering at numerous locations around the city, including University Hospital. Maggie, the family's Golden Retriever, hops in her BMW X5 and set off; bringing smiles and joy to everyone they come in contact with. Maggie is the kind of dog that children and adults gravitate to. She is incredibly friendly as well as a certified service dog, making her even more caring and gentle. Sue started volunteering more and more after she steered out of the family business, Home City Ice, and let her husband and children continue!

Sue has always instilled strong morals into her children. She taught them about caring for others as well as those that were less fortunate. Now, instead of just talking to her kids about it, she's doing it. "It was important to me to share the gifts that I had been given. Maggie has been a great addition to the family and helps spread so much joy to people that need it - she is truly a blessing," says Sue on Maggie's involvement with the Sedlers and as a service dog. "We have an absolute ball riding around in the X5."

When it came time to purchase a new car, Sue knew she wanted a BMW. Although her husband helped her do some searching, when she got behind the wheel, she instinctively drove straight over the The BMW Store. Always having great experiences at the Store this was, in her mind, her final destination.

When they took the BMw X5 out for a test drive, all her husband could say was, "this is the one for you".

We appreciate the loyalty and the confidence that our customers have in us. Thank you to our customers and to those that aren't - we invite you to share in our level and service and sales that keeps people coming back!
The best of the best, all found in one place.

"The BMW Store treats my BMW like i do my dogs - and I treat my dogs like part of the family."
Ray Schneider, owner of a 2008 BMW X5.

Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa was created to offer pet owners in the Cincinnati area a safe, luxurious, and fun facility for their animals to stay. Traveling across the states to find the finest in animal boarding, Ray Schneider returned to Cincinnati and handpicked top aspects of each facility he'd experienced. He fashioned Red Dog with the notion that the best of the best would be furnished within.

Red Dog Resort has hand painted suites, natural lighting that spills in through the windows, high quality bedding for each pet and a 24 hour staff second to none. The dogs are taken outside by a pet technician three times a day. Although they love the fresh air, who would want to leave a room that has continually piped music and a built in flat screen TV? Well, maybe only to take a dip in the large indoor doggy pool (life jackets included for the beginner swimmer!)

The incredible way Red Dog Resort cares for their guest's pets, both dogs and cars, is the same mentality that The BMW Store takes to care for your BMW - we treat it as our own. A customer since the 1970's Ray says that "The BMW Store takes care of me, creating an incredible service experience with the purchase of my BMW."

We invite you to experience being a part of the The BMW Store family. We, like Ray, have put careful details as well as years upon years of dealership experience within the Store. With every new customer each coming day, The BMW Store works to continually be the best in Cincinnati.
Vast experience - we call that wisdom

"There are certainly other vehicles out there that have a lot of the 'fru frus' and extra bells and whistles, but there is not one that is as predictable and reliable as the BMW, in my humble opinion."

Timothy Webb, owner of a BMW 335xi.

Timothy Webb is a man of many experiences; retired Colonel of the Medical Corps, little league baseball coach, past member of the Durham Symphony, bagpiper, master mason, car enthusiast, graduate of Texas A&M University, Associate Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology, clown, husband, father and grandfather of two. Here at The BMW Store, we call that experience wisdom.

So was it his wisdom that brought him to The BMW Store, or his experience? "It was undoubtedly the best experience I have ever had in purchasing an automobile. It made me feel quite good and I feel like I have made a lot of friends at the dealership."

The BMW Store not only prides itself on our relationship with our customers, but we enjoy them just the same. We appreciate every unique visitor, each and every story and lifestyle because we know that those experiences will lead to our growth as a BMW Center in better serving our customers.
"Hone" in on family

Gordon and Lynda Hone

"I love the size of the car, the way it handles, the ride, the solid feeling of the car and its reliability; to sum it up in one word, EVERYTHING" - Gordon Hone on his 2007 530xi.

In 1974, Gordon Hone and his wife, Lynda, were married and bought their first house. Over the past 34 years that house has been added to, remodeled and decorated. Today, after years of family gatherings and wonderful memories, they can now call their house a home.

Memories of raising their three children and creating new traditions with their two grandchildren fill the walls. Even the exterior of their home, with stunning landscapes and beautiful water gardens, provides a warm gathering place for family and friends.

A family that recognizes the importance of Sunday dinners and weekend cookouts, the Hones immediately felt a sense of "family" when they walked into The BMW Store. After purchasing their 2004 530xi, they were so impressed with the performance and experience that they had, six weeks later they returned to the Store for an X5.
Art in its most classic form nature

Jim Stephens
"My BMW is a piece of art. I know art - I live it, work it and surround myself in it. Owner of a 2009 BMW 335i Convertible

There is a natural progression and beauty in the outdoors. Jim Stephens, a well known tile artist and owner of Vann Gogh Capabilities, surrounds himself with nature in order to provoke inspiration and shelter a world of ideas. With each piece he creates or with each room that he sets, gorgeous artwork is constructed.

Jim is a tile setter by trade, but his trade, to him, is second nature. He has been gifted with a true talent for visualizing tiling and creating masterpieces in places and rooms unexpected. He has a passion for everything, eloquently living with the idea, "without passion you cannot be successful."

Where better to find passion in a vehicle than a BMW from The BMW Store. After visiting the Store, one look at the platinum bronze 335i convertible and he fell in love - "it is the finest car i have driven." Coming from someone who represents such beautiful art, we take that as a pure compliment. A BMW client for life, he says that once you buy a BMW from The BMW Store, you'll never buy anything else.

We understand your passions in life. Our passion is BMW and we hope that you will come in and share that.
A dependable company needs dependable vehicles, which explains why this family has four.

The Sanfillipo Family
Owners and Operators of USA Collision Center

Without a doubt, the Sanfillipo family understands the concepts of quality and beauty. Their company, USA Collision Center, is proof of their dedication to those principles. Joe and his wife, Marty, established their first collision repair shop back in 1975. Since then, their son Joe III, and his wife Annmarie, are now part of this growing and successful business operation.  Currently, they have four business locations throughout the Cincinnati area, serving clients from all around the tri-state.

The family's objective is, and always has been, to attain exceptional quality and workmanship, as well as establish memorable customer service experiences. They recognize that The BMW Store shares in that same vision which has made The BMW Store a perfect fit for a life-long relationship. The family currently has four BMWs - all brand new!

When this dynamic family is not actively involved in developing solutions to their clients' needs, they participate passionately with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Last year their dedication to the organization led them to nominate their BMW client advisor, Ed Besl, for the 2007 Man of the Year award.

Spring has sprung in Cincinnati and now is the time to get that convertible of your dreams. If luxury and pure performance is what you crave, the freshly designed 2008 6 Series offers a 360hp V8 engine, which rockets you from 0-60 in 5.6 seconds. Stop by The BMW Store and check out all of our pure-bred convertibles and welcome the season in style.
Go Ahead, Wave

Angie Cupas
"I wanted to wave to people. There was this temptation as I passed other BMW owners to wave - to share in the spirit, as you say, to share in that passion. I didn't truly understand that until I bought my BMW." -Angie Cupas, 2008 BMW 328 Owner

When it came time for Angie Cupas to purchase a new vehicle she was interested in a sporty car, but was concerned about having to compromise on space. As her 6' 9" Client Advisor, from The BMW Store, flawlessly boarded into the back of the 3 series coupe for her test drive, those worries slowly melted away.

Angie was thrilled at the space and luxury that the 3 series coupe offered. Having always been impressed with elegant structures and style, she saw the 3 series coupe out on The BMW Store lot and her eyes stopped. "It is a sexy car" said Angie. "And the fact that you feel the 230 horsepower even as you hug the corners, well that's just a plus," commented her fiance Nathan.

Angie and Nathan combine design and elegance in all aspects of their lives. The way they intertwine style and function into their downtown apartment is just an example. The historic loft is composed of clean cut edges with stunning contemporary renditions-making this open space a home.
Passion, energy and creativity never utter the word compromise.

William Russo  -  Owner of the first Vermillion Red BMW X6 in Cincinnati
"BMW's style and performance are legendary - I bought the 2008 BMW X6 at first sight simply because it was so beautiful."- Bill Russo

Known for the passion, energy and creativity they bring to every client's concern, the lawyers at Katz, Teller, Brant & Hild focus on consistently bringing the best service to their clients. Similar to Katz Teller, the German Engineers at BMW also strive to bring only the strongest passion, highest performance and detailed creativity to each aspect of every BMW designed.

So when Bill Russo, a partner in Katz Teller for over twenty years, ordered the first Vermillion Red BMW X6 in Cincinnati, we at The BMW Store knew that our BMW Engineers had once again triumphed.

After years of driving a Porsche 911 Turbo, Bill found himself needing a vehicle that would comfortably transport four adults - and four sets of golf clubs, if necessary. Although preparing himself to compromise on style and performance to get the suitable size and functionality he desired, Bill was shocked and awed to find it all in one vehicle - the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupe. Affectionately referring to it as his "sports car on steroids", The BMW Store team was just as excited to get him in a vehicle he needed and one he truly wanted.

The word compromise left Bill's vocabulary after setting his sight on the Vermillion Red X6. The incredible performance, innovative design and stunning lines of the X6 reflect the passion and creativity of its owners. Bill's passion for excellence is mirrored in his choice of vehicle. What was intended to be a "second" car for golf trips is now Bill's every day vehicle. When you see a Vermillion Red X6, you'll truly understand how Bill feels.

At The BMW Store we believe the word "compromise" should never be uttered. The highest standards in performance, safety, functionality and style are everyday expectations. No matter what you are looking for, let us be the ones to shock and awe you.
Home is where the heart is, when your BMW is in the driveway

Nichole Dugle
Owner of 2006 BMW X3
"In my BMW, I feel safe on the road."- Nichole Dugle

As a Realtor, Nichole Dugle sees a lot of houses each day, but there's only one house that she calls home. It's that sense of safety she feels pulling into her own driveway at night, returning home to her husband from a long day, the kind of comfort & stability she also receives while in her BMW X3.

Whether it's a tough route that calls for use of her navigation system, or rough weather that her BMW conquers no matter what season, Nichole always feels safe & secure in her BMW.

But isn't that what you should expect from a vehicle? We think so. Here at The BMW Store we believe in the kind of safety you and your family deserve and that's why we sell BMWs. Among all of our vehicles is a strong presence of safety and others agree. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the X3 and X5 'Top Safety Picks' for 2008.

Just as you return home to your family, we hope that coming into The Store brings you to another. With a real family presence, our customers are invited to be a part of that feeling. "The staff always make me feel like I am their only customer--when I know they have thousands", said Nichole. We invite you to visit The Store to find out what we mean.
Playfulness On and Off the Road

"I continue coming to The BMW Store because Passion really does love company. Buying the 3 Series was my first experience with BMW and you only get one chance to make a first impression; boy did they make a good one!" Corey Ziehm comments on his BMW 3 Series.

Having the desire to share his passion with as many people as possible, Corey Ziehm is the lead singer of one of Cincinnati's most entertaining show bands, "My Sister Sarah."

With great music, fun costumes, confetti cannons, silly string, trampolines and even a tricycle, an evening spent with "My Sister Sarah" possesses an excitement second to none. Performing shows all over the region including Put-in-Bay, Toledo, Columbus, Dayton, Northern Kentucky and, of course, Cincinnati, Corey needs a fun and reliable vehicle to get to and from performances. His BMW offers this and more.

Much like his character in the band, Corey's BMW brings to life a sense of playfulness and youth that no other car has done. The feeling behind the wheel evokes childlike emotion, making traveling from city to city a joy. Additionally, his BMW 3 Series proves to be a reliable and safe vehicle taking him client to client as a pharmaceuticals representative for KeySource Medical Inc.

Aside from the worry free reliability, Corey most admires his BMW's sleek exterior and interior design. "The body style on my 2007 BMW 328i is my favorite out of all the BMW 3 Series to date. I knew I had to have one. Its performance also elevates the car's status to a real work of art. Owning a BMW and not driving it would be a crime!"

When you purchase a BMW from The BMW Store you are getting more than just a vehicle, you are receiving a true joy and passion that can only be found in The Ultimate Driving Machine.

With All Your Heart

"My clients and even people on the street will stop me and comment on my new BMW. They love the color and style of my X3 having seen nothing like it before!" -Gayle Tipp, owner of a 2011 BMW X3

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it," said Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta. This famous quote could not ring truer for Gayle Tipp.

Her life has been an incredible journey, and she's confidently found "her world" in the last 35 years as a highly successful realtor. Gayle's career in Cincinnati has led her to communities, incredible friendships and, above all, love.

Having consistently been the number one agent in her office and a top performer in Cincinnati, Gayle has worked in such neighborhoods as Ivy Hills, Mason and TPC River's Bend. It was at Ivy Hills where she met Jay Hay, her confidant, soul mate and love close to two decades ago. Since meeting, they have spent their lives together traveling, golfing, laughing and sharing in their many passions.

Jay jokes that one of his favorite passions he has shared with Gayle is his love of the BMW brand. Jay has driven BMW since 1995. And while Gayle's BMW X3 may be her first Ultimate Driving Machine, she says it won't be her last. "The vermilion red coupled with the design of the X3 is so classy. When I walk out to my BMW or spot it in a lot, I get excited each time I see it; even more so when I get behind the wheel," says Gayle.

At The BMW Store we are delighted to share our passions with our customers. The BMW product, one of heritage and tradition, continues to innovate and inspire the automotive industry. We are proud to be a part of such an incredible brand ourselves for more than three decades.


A No Brainer

"Although the engineers' intent to create a 'touring car' came through in the smooth ride and quiet, spacious cabin; switching to 'Sport' mode provided the acceleration and handling that could really lead to some inspired driving. " says Alex Gray, Proud owner of a BMW  5 Series GT.

A typical day at work for Alex Gray is atypical; rarely knowing exactly what awaits at the office. As the vice president of BellTower Advertising he is well versed in many fields, never spending a day the same as the previous;  HR, Legal Matters, IT, Facility Management, he does it all. This versatility in his career, has translated into his automotive needs as well.

Having always owned a SAV, Alex yearned for a vehicle with both versatility and power plus exhilaration on the open road.  "Although I didn't know what I wanted, at least I knew where to start looking. Returning to The BMW Store was a 'no-brainer', Alex comments on his experience.  "Amy and I purchased an X5 last year and the experience was bar none."

This visit it was the 5 Series GT that was most fitting. "I knew that I would like the way it drove; the BMW 5 Series is the quintessential 'driver's car'. That's when Paul opened the car up. With the full trunk open and the back seats folded down, it looked big enough to carry a piano; I was sold."  Says Alex about his 5 Series GT.

At The BMW Store each person is treated unique to their situation and lifestyle. We understand the importance of finding a car that fits you. That's why we are here! Come experience The BMW Store for yourself and see why our customers keep coming back, vehicle after vehicle.

Selling Urban Living

"For me, I needed a car that was practical but still provided luxury. This car has it all! It's an SUV, but with a sporty feel." -Kelly Flynn, enthusiastic owner of a BMW X5

Having been a Cincinnati resident all her life, Kelly Flynn fell in love with the city many, many years ago. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati she found the perfect job as a realtor for Coldwell Banker West Shell which marries her enthusiasm for Cincinnati and her background in business and communication.

"As an agent, it is my goal to successfully work with home buyers and sellers to profitably list and sell homes while ensuring positive experiences for everyone involved. Continuous communication from beginning to end of the buying or selling process is key," says Kelly about her objectives as a realtor. "I want to help others make their dreams of homeownership come true whether it means they are buying for the first time or selling so they can move in to their next home."

Being part of the 'BMW Family,' Kelly knew exactly where she wanted to start her next car purchase.

"When I go to The BMW Store I feel comfortable knowing that the process will be simple and care free. The communication with my Advisor is flawless and I always receive great follow-up, which is why I continue to buy my BMWs from The BMW Store."

The BMW Store's goal is to make your dreams of owning a BMW come true, whether it is for the first time or a repeat purchase. We believe the car buying process should be easy as well as fun and it is with those objectives that we celebrated our 33rd anniversary last month. Thank you Cincinnati for 33 years, as we continue to say proudly, Passion Loves Company.
The Good Life

"BMW truly is The Ultimate Driving Machine. It sounds cliche to say but once you drive a BMW, you will want to keep driving a BMW!" -Laszlo and Mary Pavel, current owners of a BMW X5

Family, friends, good conversation and amazing memories are what Laszlo and Mary Pavel cherish most in their life. Spending time with their wonderful daughters and son in law whenever they can, they joke that you can usually find the entire family basking in the sun at Summit Hills Country Club during the summer time; their other favorite activity at the club, golfing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Northern Kentucky hills.

When not at home in Cincinnati, the Pavels love to travel. Laszlo laughs about some of his fondest memories heading out to Hilton Head Island, at the time in their BMW 7 series.  "We'd be flying along on the highway but would feel the same assurance and safety as if we're going only 30 mph!

"We clearly recognize the significant difference in BMW's quality of engineering, appearance, comfort, drivability, responsiveness to the road that are simply unmatched by any other automaker in our opinion. We have had many different types of cars. We simply enjoy the driving experience so much more in our BMW", says Laszlo about his long term relationship with BMW and The BMW Store.

At The Store we hope that the phrase, once a BMW, always a BMW driver, couldn't ring truer for our customers. With our shuttle services, valets, courtesy vehicles, we hope that your time with us at the Store is just as comfortable as your time in your BMW!
The Road Less Travelled

"Attending a conference with my wife, I convinced her to take our M3 out to West Virginia. We spent the better part of the day driving with the top down on two lane roads that hugged the Ohio River. It was pure driving bliss!"

Education has been a stronghold in Samer Hasan's life. He smiles when he talks about his post college decision. "I had a desire to enter medical school but also had a passion for my graduate studies in engineering. So, I did a rather unusual thing and I pursued both. Eighteen years after high school, I was finally ready to begin my career as an orthopaedic surgeon. I definitely took the road less traveled, but have not regretted the ride."

Having a love for the BMW brand since he was a child, Samar has been a BMW owner since 2003 and adores his two current BMWs, an M3 and X5. "I thoroughly enjoy both of my BMW's but the M3 was the one I fell in love with at first site; it really is the ultimate driving machine. Much has been written about how well BMWs mate 'man' and 'machine'. After 3 + years of driving this car, I get it. The car is very responsive - it handles, accelerates, and brakes confidently. I also admire how well it is engineered - and that's coming from an engineer."

The ride itself is something that Samer comments on often. His life and career have taken him many places, now married with 2 wonderful children, he and his family travel often and enjoy many memories on the road.

At The BMW Store we are proud to sell this impeccable brand. Comments like this coming from both an engineer's mindset and surgeon's, make us blush a bit in the cheeks. After three decades of selling and servicing The Ultimate Driving Machine here in Cincinnati, we are proud to call ourselves The BMW Store where Passion Loves Company.

Excitement to The Core

Tim and Jaynee Beechuk have always had an eye for quality design. Tim, a graduate of UC's DAAP Program and a retired P&G design development specialist, and Jaynee, a veteran floral designer, recognize precision and aesthetics in everyday things. With their artistic backgrounds, Tim and Jaynee knew that their next vehicle would be a BMW 1 Series known for its gorgeous body and tight handling. And a recommendation made many years ago to visit The BMW Store made choosing where to purchase the vehicle easy.

Having lived in Brussels for three years, the Beechuks decided they'd travel abroad again to take European Delivery on their 1 Series. They had fallen in love with Europe, the unique culture and the exquisite chocolate, and taking a trip overseas to pick up their new BMW would make the visit that much more memorable. The experience was so enjoyable at the BMW Welt facility in Munich that the Beechuks also took Performance Delivery of their 1 Series in Spartanburg, South Carolina. "The racing, agility and performance aspect of a BMW is something we just can't resist. Our M3 has offered us numerous memories on the track and at countless BMW Car Club of America (BMW CCA) events," says Tim. They enjoy their BMWs for every day drives but also for tremendous weekend fun. BMW is not just an automotive brand but truly a lifestyle for Tim and Jaynee.

At The BMW Store we live and breathe BMW every day and maintain the belief that the vehicles are more than just safe, efficient means of transportation. Our passion for the brand radiates and we share that energy with the BMW CCA Buckeye Chapter and their love of BMW. We invite you to experience all things BMW at The BMW Store.

Statement of Success

Brett Cain grew up with a love for horses. She showed hunters and jumpers and strived to one day go to the Olympic Games. Very quickly her passions became evident in the family. Her father purchased a farm, naming it after Brett's favorite show mare, Liberty Blue. Now grown, Brett manages the family thoroughbred horse farm, Liberty Hill Farm.

"When you have a love for something, it shows," Brett says. Always wanting to be around horses, Brett was enthusiastic to take over the farm. But there was another skill that her father had a deep passion for that Brett also wanted to learn, acupuncture. Having been around her father's veterinary acupuncture lessons since the early 70's, she picked up the techniques easily. Gaining her master's degree in acupuncture in 2005, she now practices in Florence, Kentucky. Driving between the farm and her clients, Brett needed a vehicle that would be both functional, stylish and above all, dependable. Knowing exactly what she wanted, The BMW Store had her ideal car. Working with a Client Advisor she was excited at the ease of the process. Her car is also a statement of her success, as she left for an event to show her English Setter puppy, Reagan, she laughed that she's taking him in the perfect "show car!"

At The BMW Store we maintain a large selection of vehicles for you to choose. Each client is different, and each customer has
a new story. Our excitement lies in finding you the perfect vehicle, every time.
Before You Could Drive Your Were Driven

George Caldwell's childhood memories have led him to where he is today, best told in his own words…
"I was seven years old and in an orphanage in Louisville, Kentucky. The orphanage was given tickets to take us to a baseball game at the Cardinal Stadium. This was the first time I was ever in a ball stadium and had seen a team play. In the stands all I could do was look around and take in the sights, seeing the many children with their adoring families. I vividly remember seeing the large Cardinal billboard and below, a BMW sign, learning later that day what a 'BMW' was. For me, seeing how happy all the other kids were to be there with their families engraved a strong memory and image of BMW that has had an incredible association all throughout my life."

After many periods of trial and tribulation as well as growth and fulfillment, George reached his goal of BMW ownership and the feeling of belonging that he had been shown years ago at Cardinal Stadium. He and his wife Susan have built an incredible life together with their three children. Not surprisingly, his wife and eldest son are also BMW owners.
When asked how he would describe his BMW, George offers the phrase "my old friend." The distinct leather scent of a BMW reminds him of that day at the ballpark and how he wanted the friends and family connection that everyone else seemed to have. Now having the family that he desired, George shares with his kids the strong values that he has come so far to learn, reminding them that "it's not where you came from, but where you are going."

For George and Susan, BMWs are more than just a mode of transportation. These cars build and reclaim memories, past and present. George's passion for the brand couldn't be more celebrated than here at The BMW Store. Passion Loves Company™.

Five Stars


One of the most well-known retail restaurant brokers in the Local Market is Cincinnati native, Judie Guttadauro. Her extraordinary knowledge and experience in Cincinnati has helped with completing retail transactions of great volume and distinction in a city that she identifies as her own.

Judie believes that retail brokerage means being involved in community creation and prosperity, not just site selection and negotiation. This is why Judie accommodates her clients with a variety of possibilities and economic incentives in order to encourage client activity in the opening of new retail and restaurant concepts. It is no surprise that her name has become nearly synonymous with retail space in the city of Cincinnati.

With her extremely demanding schedule, showing clients around and visiting site locations, Judie needs a vehicle that is reliable, comfortable and stylish. It's no surprise that she has chosen to drive a BMW from The BMW Store. She feels she is given the same great care at the Store as she shows her very own clients. "With my newest site, Ruths Chris Steakhouse, I was traveling to the banks quite frequently. My 5 Series made downtown parking a synch and as always a comfortable ride for my guests", said Judie on her latest project.

At The BMW Store we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service. Whether coming in to purchase a BMW for the first time, or a returning customer such as Judie, we hope that you consider our customer service bar none!

A Hole In One

As a Coach to the Maderia HS JV Boys golf team, Assistant Tournament Director of the GCWGA, Co-Chair of the Ladies 18 hole golf league at Kenwood Country Club, and a member of the Kenwood Country Club golf committee; Lesli's passion truly lies in the game of golf!

Also a new member of The First Tee, a group that guides young children to the game of golf, Lesli took her love for the game to a rewarding new level. Their mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf!

Always on the go, Lesli Hopping needed a vehicle with exceptional comfort and versatility. Her brand new X5 is perfect for toting golf clubs during the day or friends for a night out!

 "I bought my first BMW X5 from the Store in 2005 and had a wonderful experience with both sales and service throughout the entire ownership of the vehicle. When looking for my next BMW X5, I did not consider looking anywhere else!"

In life we all have passions that help guide us. Lesli's passion for golf has brought her new friends, experiences and a greater purpose. At The BMW Store our passion is BMW and the impeccable vehicle we service and sell. We invite you to come in and share in our passion, The Ultimate Driving Machine.  

When You Do, Do Great

This is the age of hustle and bustle. Work, home, play with just a bit of time for relaxing. Scott and Bev Mitchell definitely live the phrase, "always on the go". Their priority is family. They get together with their children and grandchildren every possible chance, but they also never miss an opportunity to have fun together Whether snow skiing in Utah, visiting California's wine country, or perfecting their CrossFit training, the Mitchells' make time for the people and things they love. CrossFit has become a steady part of their lifestyle. Bev's competing this year won
her an automatic bid to participate in the Reebok World CrossFit Games in Los Angeles. She finished 14th in the world this past July in her Master's Division with Scott and the rest of the family cheering her on!

At CrossFit Power Performance in Loveland, Bev and Scott frequent the facility 4 or 5 times a week. "We enjoy the sport of CrossFit, our fellow gym members and the sense of community at our gym. We feel a similar sense of community at The BMW Store when we stop in to have our BMWs serviced. We are welcomed by the
professional and friendly staff," says Scott.

At The BMW Store we still get that WOW feeling every day, and each new model launch continues to create chills. Join us for the excitement as 30 new models are rolled out over the next few years. We think you'll be as excited as we are!

Woven With a Common Thread

A car wash and Busken donuts usually start off a good Saturday morning for David Barnes and Jack Buchholz. They stop over to The BMW Store and fill up on pastries while each of their BMWs runs through the hand car wash. This familiar start to a Saturday likely concludes with catching a game on TV, a few rounds at the golf course, a handyman project needing the power of two or the families getting together for a night out.

The Barnes and Buchholz families have been friends for decades. During their friendship they have discovered and cultivated similar hobbies, values, and passions, including their love for the BMW brand. Dave has always loved the stunning BMW style and quality. He was officially introduced to BMW when his daughter came to him needing advice after graduating with a master's degree. The question she asked: "Should I buy a new car or get a new apartment?" With her father's quick answer of "BMW!" she bought her dream car and moved home. Dave would borrow his daughter's car occasionally until she moved out. Dave then added another BMW 3 Series from The BMW Store. The new 3 Series was quickly claimed by his wife. Not long after, Dave visited The BMW Store and purchased a BMW 5 Series - he finally had a BMW of his own! This 5 Series is now the same car that his friend Jack drives as his every day vehicle.

Jack's passion for the brand started years ago while driving along coastal California in his brother's 3 Series Convertible. He promised himself that he'd own his own BMW Convertible one day. While on a trip to Florida in 2001, he called his wife Barbara in Ohio and simply said "I need you to meet me in Florida. I found the perfect BMW, and we must get it home!" With a little scheduling and a lot more discussing, they made his dream come true. He still babies that BMW just as he did when he first brought it home. In relationships and friendships, there are common threads that weave through our lives. Their twists and turns connect us at different points where we come together in celebration, collaboration and support. At The BMW Store we hope that we can be a point in your life. Whether visiting us for your first BMW or your fifth, the excitement of owning the Ultimate Driving Machine® is a celebration in itself!

Emotion Always Plays a Part

As the president of Cristofoli-Keeling, Inc., a marketing communications firm, Ann Keeling has an impeccable eye for design and a drive to succeed that was instilled in her at a young age which she credits to the passion her grandparents had for doing things impeccably – no shortcuts, no excuses. The emotion of understanding and appreciating a true work of art comes from an obsession for the way things are made, a consideration for the way things are designed to function and an awareness for whom it is made. This appreciation has translated into Ann's relationship with Ault Park Concours d'Elegance, a nationally recognized event that highlights some of the most spectacular automobiles of all time with proceeds benefiting the Arthritis Foundation and Children with Juvenile Arthritis. "I became involved with Ault Park Concours d'Elegance because of my personal love for cars. I've been obsessed with them since childhood, reading MotorTrend since I was 8 years old," says Ann.

The vehicles we love are the culmination of years of human ingenuity. You couldn't sit in that beautiful machine today if there hadn't been teams throughout history devoting their lives to developing the many aspects of the vehicle. Choosing a car is no longer a purely rational process; emotion always plays a part.

"Ed understands car people like me. Not only does he know BMW, he knows cars and enjoys talking to his customers about their passion for cars as well. I always seek out the people at dealerships who are not 'car salesmen' and he is not; he's just a really cool guy who sells really incredible cars," says Ann about Ed Besl, Client Advisor at The BMW Store.

Instinctively, we reach out for attractive things; beauty literally moves us. Here at The BMW Store, we see design as more than just curves and lines. We see it as a means to create emotion, with distinct details that connect BMW models across generations. We only make one thing. The Ultimate Driving Machine ®.

 Ageless Beauty

As an employee of Macy's corporate office, Cecilia Matos lives a very busy life with her husband, Victor, who owns a video production business. Constantly on the go with their two high school-age sons, they enjoy spending quality family time taking trips in their BMW X5. A vehicle that provides both efficiency and an element of design was very important to them. Victor's BMW X5 provides amazing amounts of room for carrying essential equipment needed for his video shoots as well as supplying a safe and luxurious vehicle for family trips.

Cecilia takes pleasure in driving her BMW 3 Series to work every morning. With clear visibility from all sides, it allows her to zip through traffic safely and quickly. Years of engineering and design were devoted to producing a vehicle that is not only safe but also exciting to drive. "The BMW Store is a convenient location for us since we live in Northern Kentucky, and the staff is knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. They know how busy we are and are respectful of our schedule," says Cecilia.

It's not just the enjoyable drive that is important to Cecilia and Victor, but BMW's clean lines and intricate design as well. They both have a remarkable eye for detail and are reminded of their friend's stunning home in Northern Kentucky when reflecting upon true art and beauty in our daily lives. The elegant, timeless designs of their BMWs are mirrored in their friend's eye-catching home. Here at The BMW Store we see design as more than just curves and lines. We see it as a means to create emotion. The tell-tale curve of the Hofmeister kink. The classic kidney grille. The sleek aerodynamic design. Every bit as joyful to look at as it is to drive. We don't make sports cars. We don't make SUVs. We don't make hybrids. We don't make luxury sedans. We only make one thing, The Ultimate Driving Machine®.
Passion Loves Company

The Ault Park Pavilion stands with great prominence over this Cincinnati park. Bill and Gayle Sherman, local residents that frequent the park, recognize its splendor and importance to the community. Each summer they help coordinate one of the largest events held at the park, the Ault Park Concours d'Elegance. The event showcases gorgeous vehicles both vintage and new while raising funds for the Arthritis Foundation. The event also emphasizes the beauty of Ault Park and all that it offers to the city.

The Shermans have a unique love for classic design and artful vehicles. The year that Concours d'Elegance featured German automobiles was one of their most cherished editions of the event. Of course, their favorite make, BMW, was on display.

The BMW brand and The BMW Store hold a special place in the Shermans' hearts. Their son Will worked at the Store for many years. It was his gentle persuasion about buying a BMW that made them customers. "When we joke about the Store being one big family, we aren't kidding!," says Bill about his and Gayle's relationship with the Store. "I walk in and everyone greets me with such a loving smile, it's like I'm a part of something so incredible," says Gayle. There's something unique about The BMW Store, always has been, always will be. When your customers can feel so welcomed that they call you part of the family, you know you are doing something right.

An Experience Like None Other

Rob, Sarah, and their son Jacob live an exciting life. After graduating from Cincinnati Christian University, Rob has worked his way up to Zone Sales Manager for ARAMARK refreshment services. Rob also coaches both basketball and football, and their son plays tight end for Lakota Stallions Orange team. Sarah stays busy working as a hospice nurse. In their free time, they both love to try new things and go on adventures around Cincinnati in their BMW X3 and 335xi. Whether they're off on a camping trip or attending a football game, their BMWs prove to be fun and reliable vehicles that keep pace with their active lives.

Wanting to connect one of his biggest passions, skydiving, with his passion for helping others in need, Rob and a friend founded CharitySkydive.org, a non-profit that uses skydiving as the ultimate way to raise money for charities. If an individual or a group wants to raise money by skydiving and is able to raise $500.00 per person, they can earn a free skydive.

Their favorite thing about their BMWs is the Ultimate Driving Experience. Rob enjoys the way his BMW 335xi can feel the road and input it to the wheels, making his long, daily drives for work thrilling. Describing her X3, Sarah says: "I love that my X3 is such a fun and functional vehicle for our busy lives and that I don't have to feel like I'm driving a bus." Rob and Sarah have purchased multiple vehicles from The BMW Store over the years because of the way they were treated when trying to find the right car to fit their lifestyle.

Here at The BMW Store our belief is that every part of the car buying process should make the customer's experience as exhilarating as possible. While others appreciate the passion, we inspire it?every time the driver gets behind the wheel. New or Certified Pre-Owned, we only make one thing: The Ultimate Driving Machine.®

An Experience that is Uniquely You

Born and raised in the Cincinnati area, Sarah grew up in Finneytown, now residing in Norwood. Passionate about physical health, Sarah both teaches and takes Pilates classes. Spending time with family and friends around the city as often as possible, and loving to travel, she leads a busy lifestyle.  After receiving her doctorate from Miami University in 2011, Sarah is now a partner in an outpatient physical therapy practice, Premier Physical Therapy Services located in Evendale and in Blue Ash, she is dedicated to helping others.

Much like The BMW Store, her physical therapy practice emphasizes the importance of individuality. The BMW Store much like her practice spends the time with each person to find the perfect fit for them. Incredibly impressed with the attention to every detail in each experience she's had from her advisor, Chris Lykins, to the car wash employees- Sarah comments "My buying experience was a breeze. This was the first time I've purchased a car and it could not have gone any smoother. It wasn't the spectacle that I had witnessed my parents experience when buying their cars at other dealerships in the past."

Here at The BMW Store the BMW Brand and our customers are our Passion.  Each person that walks into our dealership is treated unique to their situation and lifestyle. Come experience The BMW Store for yourself and see why our customers keep coming back, vehicle after vehicle.